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Parterre d'eccezione e Awards prestigiosi al Gala della UIM


In attesa dell'annuale UIM Awards Giving Gala che si terrà all'hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo, il prossimo 23 febbraio, dove sono attesi 400 ospiti e VIP internazionali provenienti da 25 nazioni per onorare il 70° World Champions of Powerboat racing, annunciati i vincitori dei prestigiosi riconoscimenti come il ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD WINNER, assegnato all'imbacazione SL 94 - SANLORENZO SPA e le altre tre menzioni, "ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY", "ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT" e "INNOVATION", aggiudicate rispettivamente al Powerboat P1 Management Ltd, VSY Viareggio Superyachts ed alla Volvo Penta Corporation. Segue comunicato ufficiale

The three Special Mentions for:

"ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY"  goes to Powerboat P1 Management Ltd

"ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT" goes to VSY Viareggio Superyachts

"INNOVATION"  goes toVolvo Penta Corporation

The UIM Environmental Award has been launched in order to inspire and recognize excellence in innovation, development and application of environmentally friendly technologies. It is open to UIM National Authorities, partners, racing teams, boat builders, engine manufacturers, universities, research centres, scientists, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), companies in order to recognizes outstanding environmental leaders, whether individuals or organizations, that have exemplified inspiration, vision, innovation, leadership and applications for the Environment. Among the main selection criteria: Innovation, Significance, Practicality, Usability, Economic Feasibility and Environmental Benefit. For the 2012 edition there is a Winner and three Special Mentions. The prestigious trophies will be given at the annual UIM Awards Giving Gala which will take place on Saturday, February 23rd 2013 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel in Monaco, where the UIM will host and entertain a truly international crowd of 400 VIP guests from 25 different nations to honour over 70 World Champions of Powerboat racing.

Since 1958, Sanlorenzo shipyard is a leader in the production of strictly tailor-made motor yachts. The Yard's entry for the 2012 Environmental Award Edition is their most ecological model in water and environmental protection: the Sanlorenzo SL94. With her unmistakable Sanlorenzo lines, the SL94 exemplifies elegance, balanced volumes and the proper ratio between covered and open spaces. Sanlorenzo shipyard combined new styling elements in perfect harmony with a series of innovations that continue to leave the yard's family feel of yacht planning unaltered. The Sanlorenzo SL94 was designed taking full advantage of the increasing environmental awareness that characterizes today's yachting industry, with the Sanlorenzo Technical Department responsible for the development of the SL94's eco-friendly systems. In awarding the Trophy, the UIM made special note of the electronic probes used to monitor and prevent oil spillage and the electric actuators used to avoid hydraulic oil leakage from the steering systems. On board sewage treatment is carried out by an IMO approved plant, while fuel usage and tank levels for the main engines and the gensets are continually monitored from the wheelhouse. Other important key points are the climatization plant optimization and the low energy lighting system. It is also important to underline that the Sanlorenzo SL94 is produced with fiberglass structures characterized by a low-emissions manufacturing process: the deckhouse and deck are made using vacuum-infusion resin, and the entire hull is built with the vacuum-infusion process using vacuum bags for PVC bonding. "We are very glad for the 2012 Environmental Award and we thank UIM very much for this important International recognition. Sanlorenzo has always put effort in building timeless and yet innovative motoryachts. Our SL94 hull is an innovative yacht that gets you used to the beauty without exaggerations, to the plain elegance applied in a hull of 28,60 meters. But at the same time it is rich of innovations, especially regarding the environmentally aware systems which even exceed the requirements of RINA’s Green Star". Stated Massimo Perotti, Chairman Sanlorenzo Spa.


P1 Environmental Film

Powerboat P1 Management Ltd (P1) was established in 2002 and is the global rights holder for the "P1 SuperStock", "P1 RIB", and the "P1 AquaX" racing series. P1 has created across a variety of water craft a marine racing platform that combines the key pillars of entry accessibility, parity of performance, and affordability of expenses. This guarantees that offshore powerboat racing remains future-proofed for racers, teams and commercial partners alike. P1 currently operates and promotes several marine racing series at a national level (one-design mono-hull race boats, stock personal water craft, and one-design rigid inflatable boats). P1 also commissioned the design, development and manufacture of a high-tech, one-design race and leisure boat. P1 has promoted more than 85 world championship races and more than 120 national races since 2003. Powerboat P1 Management Ltd. demonstrates that with specific projects it is possible to increase environmental awareness. In this video the strong commitment of the Powerboat P1's top management is well highlighted, and is clearly demonstrated in the Environmental Policy. Powerboat P1 developed several green projects involving the powerboat champions, and obtained ISO 14001 certification. All these activities testify that developing a virtuous system is possible, that both the environment and profit can be taken into account while environmental consciousness is increased. "P1 is committed to giving a voice to the largest resource that human civilization has today, the Oceans . Their rapid deterioration is a matter that requires global attention and we aim to get the message out there." Stated Mr. Asif Rangoonwala, Powerboat P1 Chairman.

VSY Viareggio Superyachts

Right from their inauguration in 2004, VSY was clear about their company mission: building with the emphasis on innovation and high technological content, not on numbers. The "green" priority was evident from the outset, when VSY collaborated with the foremost international registers and implemented their Green Star Plus Gold, ABS ES (Environment Safety), and EP (Environmental Protection) certifications. Based on this philosophy, VSY’s first two 62-meter yachts took shape. "Stella Maris" is the Shipyard's new 72-meter yacht. With her high technological content, in 2011 she embodied the new concept of "deeper luxury" and totally Eco Green. However, the yard’s long-term vision is celebrated by their latest 64-meter yacht, "Duchess of Tuscany", which cast the customer’s expectations well beyond present known standards to produce a super-yacht with an unprecedented emotional and sensorial experience. VSY’s commitment to sustainability is more and more tangible – even beyond the quality of care and systems developed on their Eco-yachts and the CO2 compensation for the "Stella Maris". VSY is the first European shipyard to sign the Wood Forever Pact, supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, calling for transparency and qualification in the timber industry to guarantee maximum quality and ethical respect. Among their main commitments, VSY continually reduces negative environmental effects, accidents, and occupational diseases, pursues pollution prevention, evaluates the adoption of Green Procurement criteria, verifies and adopts energy-saving measures, and informs the public concerning the environmental effects of the activities over which the company has control or influence. Statement from VSY: "VSY is honored to receive this Special Mention for Environmental Benefit. UIM has given us a unique opportunity to share strategic targets and to implement environmental sensibility and responsibility. These are the occasions which allow us to create suitable synergies with the various business partnerships in the community, and to promote the construction of networks capable of assessing the potential need for a sector which is in any case in the process of facing deep changes. "

Volvo Penta Corporation

Volvo Penta IPS system

Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications. All their efforts strive to give their customers the right product, with the right quality. They work with a deep commitment to quality, safety and environmental care. Volvo Penta is a specialist company within the renowned Volvo Group. Volvo Penta has developed the advanced IPS system for marine propulsion, consisting of supercharged engines and IPS transmissions with full electronic control. The IPS system reduces fuel consumption by 30%, or alternatively allows an increase in speed of 20%, with the same installed power. The IPS system almost cancels out exhaust noise. In the year 2000, Volvo Penta took the decision to develop a new marine propulsion system with superior efficiency and manoeuvrability compared to the traditional straight shaft system. Enabling technologies for the project were advanced gear design, advanced counter-rotating propeller design, and electronic control. The IPS transmission is characterized by a slender gear case with low hydrodynamic drag, while a power transmission with unique tooth profiles in high strength steel gears allows supreme load capability, thus limiting the physical size of gears and their housing, along with forward facing counter-rotating propellers with outstanding efficiency. The forward facing props enabled the development of an integrated exhaust system with low weight, back-pressure, and noise level. The total installed weight of the IPS system is substantially less compared to the traditional shaft system. The steer-by-wire system with individual drive settings balances the rudder forces, thus substantially limiting the power needed for maneuvering. The electronic steer-by-wire system is maintenance-free and uses no fluid oils, eliminating their potential impact on the environment. "Our Volvo Penta IPS marine propulsion system combines quality (supreme reliability and durability), safety (supreme maneuvering and advanced redundancy functions) and not least environmental care (supreme propulsion efficiency and low noise). IPS reduces fuel consumption with 30% or allows an increase of speed with 20% with the same installed power. We are really proud of UIM’s recognition of our IPS system". Stated the Volvo Corporation management.

The UIM is the world governing body for all Powerboating activities. It is fully recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and is a member of SportAccord, former General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), and the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF) for whom the UIM President serves as a Board member. The UIM has around sixty affiliated National Federations representing thousands of passionate pilots. Circuit, Offshore, Pleasure Navigation and Aquabike are among the main disciplines of the UIM. The UIM has also signed a Cooperation Agreement with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to further its range of environmental initiatives, share expertise and work together for "greening" the Sport.

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