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The Life of Flowers: soon in Monaco the new exposition of the artist Ana Tzarev

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A specially curated selection of works by world-renowned sculptor and painter Ana Tzarev will be on view in an exclusive private gallery show in Monaco this September

The exhibition, comprised of Tzarev’s signature immense, kinetic floral paintings, has been drawn from the artist’s sprawling The Life of Flowers collection. The Life of Flowers, which has previously been exhibited in Rome, St. Petersburg, and New York, brings Tzarev’s lifelong exploration of the natural world and its resonance across cultures to the forefront. Through the subversion of scale and amplification of hue, Tzarev’s paintings are more expressive portraits of flowers than organic studies, enveloping viewers in her singular view of natural splendor.

Tzarev’s oil works, instantly recognizable for their larger-than-life dimensionality and opulent, sculptural layers of paint, cast the lushness of their subjects in a new light—paintings so rich in hue and tactility that they are not so much ‘seen’ as ‘felt.’ Of the artist’s approach to creation, critic Edward Lucie-Smith states: "Ana Tzarev is a dynamic and visionary painter because she has a constant desire to recreate in her works, through a particular language of images, the reality that surrounds her."

At the center of this exhibition is an exclusive showing of Tzarev’s monumental Love, a brilliant 15-foot fiberglass poppy presented as part of the artist’s global Love & Peace Campaign. Tzarev’s incredible floral sculptures have drawn the attention of fans and press in locations as diverse as Venice, Prague, Singapore, Rome, Shenzhen, New York, and London, and have been viewed by thousands across the globe. The exhibition of the poppy sculptures as part of Tzarev’s campaign promotes the notion that the wordless language art and shared appreciation of universal beauty will open conversations between nations, fostering hope and enabling positive change.

Visitors to these sculptures can participate in the Love & Peace Campaign by submitting their photos with the work through the official Love & Peace app, available for download here

The exposition 'The Life of Flowers' will be on view beginning 26 September; attendance to this private exhibition is by special invitation only.


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