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Communiqué - Peace and Sports Awards 2012 - Statements from former winners

PeacePlayers International (Non-Governmental Organization of the year 2011)

: « Winning the Non-Governmental Organization of the year Award was a tremendous honour. To be presented with the award in front of such influential people from the sport and peace worlds was a great recognition for our organization and all the work we did these last years. »

The International Table Tennis Federation (International Sports Federation of the year 2009)

: « Attending the International Peace and Sport Forum and, of course, winning the International Sports Federation of the year Award gave us a great chance to interact with other organizations, governments and specialized field people, to share knowledge and afterwards develop new projects. »

East Africa Cup (Sports Event of the year 2011)

:« Being on the scene and receiving the Sports Event Award was an unforgettable moment and a blessing »

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Voici le communiqué du programme des manifestations à Monaco du mois de OCTOBRE 2018

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